The holidays are officially in our rearview, and here we are full force into 2018 (Wow, 2017 WentReallyFastLikeThis!) 

Unfortunately, the amount of calories we tend to eat during the holiday season don’t go away as fast.

This doesn’t mean that we couldn’t still satisfy our sweet tooth! There are tons and TONS of Holiday recipes out there.

Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a quick list of some Healthy Holiday Desserts that I’ve either tasted or made this season.

Bon Appetite 

1.Pumpkin Crème Cheese Swirl Muffins

Ah here we are! In the middle of pumpkin flavored everything season!

I don’t know about you but I LOVE pumpkin spice! It’s sometimes difficult to get my pumpkin fix and stick to my calorie limit for the day.

I found the perfect recipe to do just that! These muffins are delicious and perfect for anytime of the year.

Treat yourself and get your pumpkin fix with these delectable pumpkin crème cheese swirl muffins.

Get the exact details on how to make this easy 30 minute no guilt muffins at this link! 

2. No Bake Cinnamon Roll

Nothing makes me think of the Christmas season more than the warm scent of cinnamon. These no bake cinnamon roll cookies are for sure going to fill up your kitchen with that lovely cinnamon smell.  Get the deets on how to make these yummy looking treats at this link! 






3. Froyo Bites

Whether you live in that’s hot all year , love Froyo, or just love pretty desserts, this Froyo bite recipe is one you can’t just pass up during the holidays or any day for that matter. 

Surprise the kiddos with this flavorful fun healthy treat that’s perfect for any time of the year!

Check out the recipe here!




4. Sweet Potato Cupcakes

What’s better than sweet potato fries? Sweet potato cupcakes! In my family some sort of sweet potato is always on the table for holiday dinner. Why not have it on the dessert table as well! Check out the recipe here!


5. Dark Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn

Yes you read that correctly. Chocolate ON popcorn. The perfect combo of salty and sweet with the added twist of peppermint. This super easy recipe will be a family favorite! I think I’ll make this on my next Christmas movie night!

Check out the scrumptious recipe here!





And there you have it! 5 yummy healthy recipes that ROCKED this holiday season! Do you have any recipes that were a hit this year? Please share in the comments below so they can make my 2018 Holiday Treat Menu! ( My family will be eternally grateful! lol )

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