Super Foods

We all love food. Especially when we know we can’t eat what we want. (haha)
I can’t be the only one who craves everything under the sun while dieting…Anyone else?
Well anyway, I decided to do some research on food that I can actually eat and will help me lose weight. Below are 9 yummy options! 

9 Super Foods For Weight Loss 

  • Berries– Berries are a great super food. They’re great fresh or frozen. They pair well with oatmeal and yogurts and taste delicious! There are many options as well. Berries have strong antioxidants. Strong Antioxidants are an important thing to prevent Cancer. Berries have been known to heal issues related to the eyes and heart.  
  • Yogurt– plain low fat yogurt and flax seeds are the BEES KNEES! 
  • Avocado– rich in nutrients that can metabolize fat cells. 
  • Grapefruit– I personally struggle eating grape fruit. However it can boost metabolism and also has lots of fiber. So I guess I’ll try to give it another go. 
  • Flax Seeds– These things have a high amount of dietary fiber.  Dietary fiber is important for weight loss. Flax seeds also provide your bod with those good fats.  
  • Coconut oil– Coconut oil is easy to digest. It’s also converted right into energy.  
  • Almonds– Almonds contain good fat and also digest well. 
  • Salmon–  Salmon contains so many good things for your body. Besides some good vitamins and minerals, it also is  a great source of protein. According to, 3.5 ounces of Salmon can have as many as  22-25 grams of protein!
  • Sweet Potato– Much like many of these super foods, sweet potatoes are full of fiber and protein. They also taste delicious too. 🙂 


Well there you have it

I’m thinking of coming up with a sweet potato, avocado and salmon recipe….mmmm! Which one is your favorite super food? What others do you know about and what are some benefits? Please share in the comments below.

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