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  • Lose weight at your own pace on your terms, a healthy, sustainable way.
  • Keep your sanity and social life by knowing exactly how and when to makes adjustments. 
  • Learn how to keep the weight off. 
  • Gain confidence in your plan because it’s backed by over 150 points of research. 


The “Why.”

I struggled with weight, almost my entire life. Like many in my position, I desperately sought something that will help me get in shape quickly.

One night I stumbled upon this dude on Instagram. He was offering a meal and workout plan for $300 a month. Insane right? However, his page was full of incredible transformations, success stories, and powerful testimonials. At that moment in time, seeing that was enough for me to type in my credit card info and make the investment. 

After two months, I did see some results; however, they were nowhere near what I saw on Instagram. I was miserable, tired, and struggling to pay my bills. Was this just me, or were others feeling this way too? 

After coming across a fellow customer forum, I found out that people were receiving the same exact meal and workout plan. I should mention that it was advertised as customized. 

Turns out that pouring out 300 bucks a month, eating a super strict low-calorie diet, and going to the gym twice a day was not only unsustainable for me but for many other customers. 

This terrible experience gave me the desire to research the ins and outs of diet culture, become a personal trainer, and create “The Complete Fat Loss Guide.” This program prevents people from falling into that trap. The trap of “experts” who buy transformations and prescribe cookie cuter programs, not made for the real world.

They don’t know the real struggle. 


The Complete Fat Loss Guide provides real value for real people who will obtain real, sustainable results. 


What’s Included:

  • Step by step tutorial on finding out how many calories you need to eat, your macro split, and how long it will take you to reach your goal. 
  • Habits of people who have lost weight and kept it off
  • The pros and cons of popular diets 
  • Why you hit plateaus and how to overcome them. 
  • Strategies to keep the weight off 
  • How to set your nutrition and workout plan around your menstrual cycle
  • Tips on how to eat less
  • Tips for when eating out
  • And more!! 


  • Supplements 
  • Macro Friendly Snack List
  • Food List with Macros
  • 12 weeks of at-home workouts that require little to no equipment 
  • How to estimate how many calories you are burning while working out

Save Money

Say goodbye to: 

  • expensive monthly subscriptions
  • a so-called “customized” meal plan
  • shakes that leave you hungry
  • disgusting detox teas
  • “miracle” supplements 

Confidence in your Investment

  • Be confident that the information you are receiving is accurate and research-based. We provide linked citations to almost 200 studies. 
  • Be confident that you have all the tools that you need to succeed right in your hands. 
  • Be confident that you have a team behind you. Contact us with any questions, and we will be happy to help.

You are in Control 

An effective diet is a diet where you are completely in control. You’ve mapped out the steps to your destination, you know where to make pit stops, you are confident in your knowledge of detours if needed, and most importantly, you know the route you are taking is one that you are comfortable with and know you can handle. 

& Finally

Imagine being able to keep up with your kids, feeling amazing in anything you wear, and confident in any environment. Imagine the courage you will have to try something new. Imagine being…

A fearless, confident, stronger healthier you. 


Like we like to say, “we are losing weight, but gaining life.” 

When I look at photos of myself at 300 pounds, I can’t help but get emotional. I remember the sadness behind those fake smiles. Shopping was a nightmare & don’t even get me started on dating. HA!

One thing I enjoyed about this guide is that it’s real. It knows that readers are human. We make mistakes; we go on vacations; we like food, dammit! The Complete Fat Loss Guide provided many “what to do if” lists. As well as the peace of mind of knowing that the piece of cake I “accidentally” ate last night was not going to derail all of my progress.

Today I am 90 pounds lighter and still eating french fries. What more does a person want?!


weight loss transformation #1

Before finding The Complete Fat Loss Guide, I fell into the Instagram trap. I am embarrassed to admit the exact amount I would spend on teas, detoxes, etc. Let’s just say that I spent a lot more than this program cost. I was over feeling sick. I was over wasting money. Losing a bunch of weight was not something I wanted. I just wanted to build some muscle and feel strong. This guide is exactly that; A Guide. They don’t tell you to do X, Y, Z. They provide you with the facts, formulas, and tools you need to create a program. A program designed for you by you. The research they offered to back up their claims gave me the confidence that I needed to create something that I knew would work for me and my lifestyle. Today I am stronger and more confident than ever. 


I am the happiest I’ve been since the birth of my children and grandchildren. They are why I made the investment in myself and decided to try The Complete Fat Loss Guide. I could go at my own pace with the confidence of having this team by my side. Any questions I had, they were always ready and willing to help. I lost…. and feel great! My grandkids love that grandma can play with them for hours. That type of joy is priceless.


Listen, I thought I could handle that chicken and veggies life. After about a month, I was feeling miserable. To be honest, miserable is an understatement. I like my rice and beans, okay?!
After reading The Complete Fat Loss Guide, I lost 23 pounds without sacrificing any of my favorite foods. I was in control; I knew when to adjust my calories and how often to work out. I got to spend more time with my family instead of spending countless hours at the gym. Was it easy? Hell no! This book is a beast. You learn a lot throughout the process, and by the end, you are just pumped and ready to go. I can’t wait to see where I am three months from now.