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Death By Air Squat

Welcome to week #6 of our workout of the week series. This week’s workout requires no equipment, and it involves just one movement: The air squat — a lot of air squats.

Have you ever wondered how it must feel for a newly born baby deer to walk in such unsteady legs? Well, you are in luck, my friend, because you are about to feel just that.


The Workout

  • Grab a stopwatch. *Start as soon as the stopwatch hits one minute.*
  • Perform one squat in minute one. Rest for the remainder of the minute.
  • In minute two, you will perform two squats and rest for the remainder of the minute. And so forth.
  • By minute twenty, you should be performing 20 squats within that minute and resting for the remaining of the minute before starting on minute 21. If you only get to rest for 5 seconds, then that’s all the rest you get. Aka, the faster you finished your squats, the more time you get to relax.
  • You will continue to do this until you can’t perform the number of squats for the corresponding minute.




Tips for Beginners

If you struggle with depth during the squat, make sure you stretch your calves. NO half-squats allowed!!



There is no such thing as a strategy when it comes to this workout. The faster you do the work, the more you get to rest.

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